Are you on the hunt for a solid dividend stock that yields slightly more than the broader market? If so, then you could do a lot worse than Boeing (NYSE:BA), the nearly 100-year-old aerospace company headquartered in Chicago.

The virtues of Boeing from a dividend investor's perspective are numerous. In the first case, it yields 2.3% compared to the S&P 500 which yields 2%. In the second case, it's only paying out 33% of its earnings to shareholders, implying that it still has significant room to increase its quarterly distribution in the future. Finally, it has a decades-long history of uninterrupted payouts that have grown considerably over time.

It's for these reasons, in turn, that Motley Fool contributor John Maxfield concludes in the video below that there's every reason to believe that Boeing is a great dividend stock for income-seeking investors to buy today.

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