NRG Energy (NYSE:NRG) and Berkshire Hathaway's (NYSE:BRK.B) (NYSE:BRK.A) MidAmerican Energy announced today that they've successfully built the largest solar farm in the world.

Source: NRG Energy Inc. 

Clocking in at 290 MW, the NRG Energy, and MidAmerican Energy Agua Caliente joint venture is a new record -- the largest fully operational solar photovoltaic facility in the world. As Tom Doyle, president of NRG Solar, said in a statement today:

Large-scale utility accomplishments, like our Agua Caliente project, raise the bar in terms of our clean-energy technology and production. Proving that we can build both the world's largest solar thermal and now one of the world's largest solar photovoltaic facilities advance NRG's mission to reshape the energy landscape that is incredibly beneficial to both the economy and in how we produce and consume energy. Whether it's partnering, developing or investing, NRG will lead the way in providing a diverse set of solutions and technologies to get the US to the ultimate goal of providing affordable, reliable clean energy for everyone.

The Arizona solar facility spans 2,400 acres between Yuma and Phoenix, and is capable of powering 230,000 homes at peak capacity. As is most often the case with utility-scale solar projects, all electricity has already been sold to PG&E (NYSE:PCG) under a 25-year power-purchase agreement.

While Agua Caliente is the world's biggest solar project, it's not NRG's only large-scale solar project. The company currently has ownership stakes in 10 utility-scale solar facilities spread across three states.

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