Social networking wunderkind Facebook (META -4.99%) and search kingpin Google (GOOG -1.56%) (GOOGL -1.62%) certainly share a lot in common.

Both Facebook and Google are the dominant platforms for their respective core competencies. Both have built multibillion-dollar businesses to capitalize on their fantastic core products. Both Facebook and Google have also more recently worked to further their technology empires by moving into critical emerging technologies like messaging and mobile operating systems, also respectively.

Source: Facebook.

And in keeping with the many Facebook and Google parallels, Facebook recently announced it would be adopting a key emerging technology that Google also recently moved quickly to implement, and for good reason.

Facebook follows Google
At its f8 developer conference, Facebook announced what it's calling App Links.

And although Facebook's move here has only received moderate coverage, this announcement should carry huge positives for Facebook's prospects in our increasingly mobile age.

Google recently implemented this same technology, calling it Deep Linking instead. Under either name, this new technology will allow Google and Facebook to post links to information stored within mobile apps, which should help ensure Facebook's and Google's mobile money making machines remain firmly intact in the years ahead.

In the video below, tech and telecom specialist Andrew Tonner breaks down the implications this very positive set of developments for both Facebook and Google.