Motley Fool analysts Eric Bleeker and Rex Moore traveled to Scandinavia -- a hotbed of tech talent -- to get a better handle on what the Internet of Things revolution means for investors.

As they explain in this video from Norway, one way to gauge IoT's vast potential is to look at the resources companies such as ARM Holdings (ARMH) and Nordic Semiconductor are devoting to this sector.

Nordic is lining up the majority of its employees behind the cause, while ARM Holdings -- which will have a plethora of connected devices using its chips -- has been very active on the acquisitions front.

A full transcript follows the video.

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Moore: We came to Norway not only to talk to Nordic Semiconductor. They're not alone; what other innovation are we seeing in this area?

Bleeker: I think that the Scandinavian region has a really rich telecommunications background. If you're an investor, it's hard not to know of Ericsson or Nokia, obviously two big fish in the space. However, when we're looking at Norway itself, we've got some other companies here.

Specifically, we've got -- of course, Nordic -- but Chipcon was purchased for $200 million by Texas Instruments. We have Silicon Labs, which bought Energy Micro for $170 million, so there's some serious M&A going on here. But then you also have some companies with influence from Nordic. You've got Hittite Semiconductor, with a team from Nordic, as well as Atmel, which is a very large chip company.

Finally, I'll note that ARM Holdings has made their own M&A in this region. If there's one company that's a foundationally huge part of the Internet of Things, you can't overlook ARM. When they put out those charts showing how many devices are going to be using ARM chips, well, it's driven by the Internet of Things, so some pretty heavy hitters involved here.

Moore: We have a big agenda ahead of us here in Norway, and we will be bringing much more to you in the days to come. Eric, thanks for joining me.

Bleeker: Thank you, Rex.