Buying companies that pay long-term dividends can be a great way to beat the market, and strong dividends are easier to find than you might think. 

Wireless companies -- one of which you may be using right now to read this article -- are some of the highest-yielding stocks, with AT&T (NYSE:T) and Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ) paying 5.2% and 4.3%, respectively. 

3M (NYSE:MMM) isn't a company that gets a lot of headlines, but for 97 straight years, it's been paying investors just for owning its stock. In the past 56 of those years, it has increased its payment; it most recently raised the dividend by a hefty 35%.

Motley Fool specialist Travis Hoium thinks these are three of the most underappreciated dividends on the market. He explains why in the video below. 

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