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Kailey Hagen

Kailey Hagen


Kailey has been writing about personal finance since 2013. She does her best to keep it interesting and jumps at any opportunity to learn something new.

Recent articles

Mature person holding pen and looking at document

Banish These 4 Lousy Excuses for Not Investing Today

Don't let these ideas get in the way of growing your wealth.

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I Never Invest in a Stock Unless I'm Happy With the Answers to These 4 Questions

I'm not taking any chances with my savings.

Person using laptop with baby in front of them

Why I Prioritize Saving for Retirement Over Saving for My Son's Education

I love my son, but in this scenario I have to put myself first.

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3 Totally Legal Ways to Shield Your Retirement Savings From the IRS

Your savings will go further in retirement if you follow these tips.

Smiling person looking at laptop

A Recession Won't Change My Investing Strategy. Here's Why

Here's how I stay positive even when my investments aren't doing well.

Couple looking at documents and smartphone

Forget a Million-Dollar Retirement -- Focus on This Instead

It's time to throw out that dated $1 million retirement savings standard.

Excited businessman with hand on head looking at laptop

This Simple Investing Strategy Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

And you don't need much investing expertise to pull this strategy off.

Serious couple looking at laptop and discussing finances

3 Reasons the Roth IRA Is a Perfect Complement to Social Security

These two could be the perfect pair for your retirement.

Senior holding check and talking on phone

Try These 3 No-Brainers to Beat the Average $1,665 Social Security Benefit

These tips can help anyone boost their Social Security benefit.

Senior couple sitting in chairs on porch

3 Unexpected Sources of Retirement Income

It's time to start thinking outside the box.

Mature businessperson reading documents

3 Pros and 2 Cons of Working in Retirement

Is there a place for a job in your retirement plan?

Smiling mature couple using laptop at home

How Will Your Social Security Stack Up to the $4,194 Max?

There's a simple way to find out.

Smiling senior couple using laptop at home

Can Social Security Make You a Millionaire?

Here's an honest look at how far Social Security will go in retirement.

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3 Better Ways to Save for Retirement Than a 401(k)

These accounts could be game changers for your retirement savings.

Smiling person sitting cross legged on couch using laptop

This Underused Retirement Account Leaves 401(k)s and IRAs in the Dust

Still saving for retirement the old-fashioned way? You may want to consider this.

Smiling person sitting in window holding coffee mug

3 Things I'm Doing Now to Lock in Big Social Security Checks for Retirement

Just because I'm not old enough to claim doesn't mean I'm not thinking about Social Security.

Worried senior woman holding checkbook

3 Retirement Strategies That Are as Risky as Penny Stocks

Don't take these gambles with your future.

Serious person holding pen and looking at laptop

Are S&P 500 Index Funds a Good Investment Right Now?

Here's what you need to know to make the right call.

Young person working on laptop

3 Surprising Ways Your Income Affects Your Social Security Checks

Is that paycheck you're earning helping or hurting your Social Security benefit?

Stressed person with hand on head looking at laptop

3 Investing Mistakes That Are All Too Common

Don't let these things stand in the way of growing your wealth.

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