Marine One doesn't do much actual fighting. But the same company that builds it, makes the most popular combat helicopter on the planet. Photo: Sikorsky.

Remember our slideshow on the 10 most popular fighter jets in the world, a couple of weeks ago? It was a pretty popular piece -- chock-full of pretty pictures, and fascinating facts about the fighter jets and the companies that make them.

Our follow-up report on the 10 most popular military transports got a pretty warm reception as well.

But as it turns out, both these articles may have missed the point. While American-made fighter jets and cargo planes are in high demand around the world, there's actually one other piece of military hardware that foreign buyers like even better: American-made combat helicopters.

That's right. Around the world, four of the top 10 most popular fighter jets are made here in America, and four of the 10 top transports, as well. But seven of the best-selling combat helicopters are made in the U.S.A. Together, these whirlybirds command an astounding 48% market share around the globe.

Who are they, who makes them, and what does this mean for investors? Take a click-tour of the world's most popular combat helicopters in the slideshow below, and find out -- and make sure to check out our special free report at the end.

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