Boeing (NYSE:BA) released its latest report on airplane orders received -- and canceled -- through the first eight days of July Thursday. The big news: Emirates Airline's order for 150 new 777X widebody aircraft, which the company announced as finalized yesterday, is already on the books.

China is not the only country in the market for Boeing's new 777s. Photo: Boeing.

Counting these aircraft, to date this year, the aerospace giant has booked:

  • 544 "gross" orders for various flavors of its 737 regional airliner
  • 157 orders for 777s
  • one 747 order
  • one 787 order.

Emirates was Boeing's only new customer indicated in Boeing's latest report. No new cancellations were reported for the week. As a result, Boeing's 703 gross orders placed for planes to date, minus the 54 cancellations last reported, results in a net gain of 649 planes to Boeing's order book.

At last report (counting orders received through the end of June), Boeing rival Airbus was at 515 "gross" new orders, minus 225 cancellations, resulting in a net gain of just 290 planes year-to-date -- fewer than half the orders that Boeing has now booked.