Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) are legendary tech companies, but they historically were rivals at odds with each other. Yet, the computing giants recently tied the knot in a partnership to draw on each other's strengths -- IBM's enterprise solutions and Apple's mobile hardware -- in order to expand their businesses.

In the This Week in Tech video below, The Motley Fool's general manager and senior tech analyst, Eric Bleeker, and tech bureau chief, Max Macaluso, talk about the Apple-IBM partnership, and what each brings to the table.

As Eric notes, companies like Oracle (NYSE:ORCL)SAP, and salesforce (NYSE:CRM) already combine to have hundreds of iOS apps. With iOS having roughly a 70% market share in the enterprise, it's already dominant. So, instead of thinking about Apple and IBM's partnership as a new, sweeping change across IT, it's more likely cementing the status quo. The pact helps ensure that, even with Android securing most consumer market share, development in IT will support Apple products first.