What: Shares of cybersecurity company KEYW Holding Corp. (NASDAQ:KEYW) dropped 10% in November as financial results fell well short of what Wall Street expected.

So what: Early in the month the company reported a 2.7% increase in revenue during the third quarter to $81.1 million and a loss of $8.0 million, or $0.20 per share. The loss was a big increase from the $3.0 million lost a year ago as gross profit dropped and operating expenses increased. It also fell short of the $0.13 per share loss analysts had been expecting.  

Now what: The question investors have to be asking is, when will KEYW Holding start generating profits from operations. 2015 won't be profitable after losing $1.28 per share in the first three quarters. And each quarter the company seems to move further away from breakeven. That hit the stock in November and as long as KEYW Holding continues to lose money it's not a company I would be betting on in cybersecurity.