There are a number of specific details that investors in Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) should know about its stock. The slideshow below covers a handful of them, walking readers through a broad but brief analysis of the banking giant from a shareholder's perspective.

The slideshow shows, among other things, that Wells Fargo rewards investors in multiple ways:

  • It paid out 38% of its earnings via dividends over the last 12 months, resulting in a 2.77% dividend yield.
  • It has bought back $7.8 billion worth of its own stock over the past four quarters, translating into a 1.9% decrease in Wells Fargo's outstanding share count.
  • And even though its shares yield more than the S&P 500, Wells Fargo has still managed to outperform the large cap index, outperforming it by 22 percentage points over the past decade.

To learn more about Wells Fargo, scroll through the slideshow below.

Slideshow data sourced from on Dec. 9, 2015. Image credits: Wells Fargo, iStock/Thinkstock.