There are a number of specific details that investors in Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM) should know about its stock. The following slideshow covers a handful of them, walking readers through a broad but brief analysis of the tech firm from a shareholder's perspective.

The slideshow shows, among other things, that Qualcomm rewards investors in multiple ways:

  • It paid out 55% of its earnings via dividends over the past 12 months, corresponding to a 4.05% dividend yield.
  • It bought back $10.5 billion worth of its own stock over the past four quarters, translating into a 6.9% decrease in Qualcomm's outstanding share count.
  • And even though its shares yield more than the S&P 500, Qualcomm's stock price tracked the large-cap index for most of the past decade, excluding the past year during which its stock has floundered.

To learn more about Qualcomm's stock, scroll through the following slideshow.

Slideshow data sourced from on December 12, 2015. Image credits: iStock/Thinkstock.

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