There's no telling if it'll be a bullish or bearish week for these stocks. Photo: thenails, via Flickr.

Greetings, Fools! Now that you've adjusted to a new year, given up on most of your resolutions (if we're being honest), and have come to grips with seeing your retirement portfolio take a big dip to start the year, it's time to focus on the week ahead.

If you own shares of controversial lender World Acceptance (NASDAQ:WRLD), embattled branchless bank BofI Holdings (NYSE:AX), and/or wearables leader Fitbit (NYSE:FIT), it's imperative that you prepare for a volatile week. That's because all three of these stocks are heavily shorted, and all three will be reporting earnings in the week ahead. 

If you don't believe me, check out the three stocks I highlighted earlier this year, which moved an average of over 8% following their respective releases. 

But I don't advise trying to use this information to make a quick buck. Besides being decidedly un-foolish (small f), it's impossible to tell if the moves in these stocks will be up or down. Instead, I think current shareholders should steel themselves for the week to come, and check out the following slideshow to figure out what's really worth paying attention to, and what's just noise.

Photos: World Acceptance, Bank of Internet, Fitbit.