While it regularly reports concrete numbers on iPhone sales, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is keeping tight-lipped about how many Apple Watches were actually sold in 2015. In this short video segment, tech analysts Sean O'Reilly and Dylan Lewis go through why that might be.

A transcript follows the video.


This podcast was recorded on Jan. 29, 2016.

Sean O'Reilly: Last but not least, before we get an outlook, what's up with the Watch? Did they sell any more? Did they sell 10 more Watches?

Dylan Lewis: This is the struggle. There's not a lot of info on the Apple Watch.

O'Reilly: So, they're being coy about it still.

Lewis: Yeah, and with the iPhone line, they give average selling price, which is a metric people watch very carefully, and they give units. So, you can say, "OK, this is what the revenue contribution is." It's very easy. But they don't really do that aside from segment reportings, so, looking at like, the services, things like that. So, all we really got on Apple Watch is, "As we expected, we set a new quarterly record for Apple Watch sales, with especially strong sales in the month of December."

O'Reilly: It seems like the Apple Watch is ... I'm far less bullish on the Watch than I was or am currently on AWS, but it seems like Apple's AWS. Like, they're going to be coy about it until it's big.

Lewis: That could be. I think that's got to be the strategy for tech firms. We've seen several companies do that at this point.

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