Amid the hectic South by Southwest schedule, one session, "Get Your Goods: Unmanned Systems and 3D Printing" really caught our eye.

It had everything:

  • A star studded panel:  Featuring Gur Kimchi, VP of (NASDAQ:AMZN) Prime Air; Ping Fu, chief entrepreneur officer at 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD); and Richard Pelletier, director of user experience at Ford (NYSE:F).
  • Discussion of major tech trends: The panelists represented companies making major investments in drones, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles. 
  • Hints of integrating these cutting-edge technologies: The folks on the panel made it clear that there will be systems that use all of these methods to optimize fulfillment.

In this video, we break down what the panelists said and explain how they envision these technologies will be pieced together to bring goods to consumers in the future.

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