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Dylan Lewis

Dylan Lewis

TMFlewis's Tech & Consumer Goods Bureau Chief and host of the Motley Fool's weekly Tech Industry Focus podcast. He has the best head of hair in the company's editorial department.

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Earlier this summer, we broke down Blend Labs' S1 and explained the company's role in the financial services industry.


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If you're looking to invest a bit of your time in studying public companies, start with these tools.


What Duolingo Has to Offer Investors

We talk Duolingo (and a bit of Spanish and French) on today's episode.


An Interview With Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson

He's also the author of "Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century."


Entering a Changed World

Dylan Lewis shares his experience spending time away from all the turmoil of the coronavirus outbreak.


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Our best guesses at what the next 10 years hold for the stock market, bitcoin, and more.


Industry Focus: Year (and Decade) in Review, Part 2

Things that aren’t going away, things that are, the story of the year, and more.


Industry Focus: Year (and Decade) in Review

Looking back on the music, social media, trends, and changes that defined 2019 and the 2010s.

The Secret About Penny Stocks...

The Truth About Penny Stocks and Day Trading

They're both hyped as easy ways to get rich quick, but do they live up to all the bluster?


What Is Slack? Everything to Know About the Company That Went Public Without an IPO

Investors are turning their gaze to the Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.


Modern Internet Scams: More Alarming Than You Might Think

Don’t consider yourself unscammable until you know how classic cons have evolved for the internet age.


What to Do With Unexpected Stock Gifts

Sometimes you find yourself with a pile of stock that you had no idea was coming. Should you sell, hold, both, or what?


Year in Review 3: Reckless Predictions and Stocks to Watch in 2019

It’s time to look forward to the year ahead and stocks to watch, stories to follow, and goals to set.


Year In Review Part II: Stories That Got Away

Ringing in the new year, we look back at how 2018 treated energy, financials, healthcare, and tech.


Year in Review: Best CEOs, IPOs, and More

All the Industry Focus hosts get together to look at the best, the worst, and the most dramatic stories of the year.


Interview With Kyle Pounders

Catching up on the Excaliburger food truck dynamo's unpredictable adventures since we saw him last.


Why Shorting a Stock Can Be Dangerous for Investors

It's all fun and games until someone gets a margin call.

Hacker Image

Here's the Latest Way "Hackers" Are Trying to Trick You Into Giving Them Money

A stranger blew the doors off my digital privacy, and was holding my relationships and reputation as ransom... or so he wanted me to think.


Life Lessons and Burgers With Kyle Pounders

An interview with Excaliburger’s Kyle Pounders about the logistics of the food truck industry, cooking good food, and what brought him from Little Rock to Austin for South by Southwest.


SXSW Interview: Mercedes-Benz and the Future of Autonomous Driving

A Fool chats with Wilko Stark of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz about the future of self-driving vehicles, mobility services, and the changing role of luxury vehicles.