What: Following news that first-quarter revenue will be shy of forecasts, shares in MiMedx Group (OTC:MDXG) are tumbling 10% at 1:30 p.m. ET today.

So what: MiMedx develops wound-healing technologies from human amniotic membranes taken from donated placentas and sales of the company's products, which are used in surgical procedures and to address chronic and surgical-based wounds, totaled $53.4 million in the first quarter.

That was up 31% year over year, but it was also $2 million shy of prior expectations.

The company blames the top-line miss on the rollout of a new sales software system, a realignment of some of its sales team, and the integration of a recent acquisition.

Now what: Investors hate downside surprises. However, they might want to pause for a moment given that this was the first time in 17 quarters that the company has failed to meet or beat its outlook.

MiMedx Group's CEO reports that the miss didn't stem from any competitive shift in the market, but rather from a drop-off in productivity as a result of the aforementioned factors. Assuming that's true, then the issues that contributed to this miss should be temporary.

Having said that, management is keeping tight-lipped about its potential revenue in the second quarter, a move that adds a bit of uncertainty. MiMedx Group does, however, expect to offer up more insight when it officially reports its financials on April 26, and the company did reiterate its full-year outlook for revenue of at least $260 million, so that is encouraging.

Overall, MiMedx Group is a rapidly developing company and some growing pains are to be expected. There's a lot of potential to continue to grow sales by serving an increasingly older population that could benefit from their wound care products, so investors will want to see how much of an impact the Q1 miss has on expectations for 2016 profitability. Currently, industry watchers are modeling for EPS of $0.33 this year, which gives the company a forward P/E ratio of 18.6.