The newswires have been rather quiet about (NASDAQ:OSTK) lately -- despite the fact that people tend to buzz about the stock, not to mention the ongoing controversy about naked shorting. (And, of course, everybody seems to have an opinion about CEO Patrick Byrne and his reactions to said issues.) Let's do a little inventory of the past few months' worth of news and talk about Overstock.

In April, Overstock reported its first-quarter earnings. Some of you may recall that while Overstock doubled its sales, its quarterly loss widened, with the company citing spending on marketing and promotion. (Some, however, argue that the company is misunderstood at this point in the game.)

Be that as it may, Overstock is following the footsteps of many Rule Breaking Internet companies by suffering some short-term pain in order to ingratiate itself with customers (and with sales doubling, that strategy seems to be working). Some may take issue with its cut-rate shipping prices -- it has launched several such aggressive promotions over recent months, advertising shipping for a buck or two -- but (NASDAQ:AMZN) engaged in the same practice years ago to help cement its relationship with early adopter Internet shoppers while worriers harped about eroding margins.

And so, yes, there are plenty of detractors at this stage -- many people have taken issue with Byrne's reaction to naked shorting and the press. However, growth stocks that fall under the category of "Rule Breakers" are often companies that have suffered a whole lot of negativity from the press and the constraints of conventional wisdom.

Seeing how is a Motley Fool Rule Breakers recommendation, I took a peek around the discussion board dedicated to the stock. It's a good resource for news, information, and points of discussion about the company -- such as one poster's supposition back in April that maybe eBay's (NASDAQ:EBAY) Meg Whitman was talking smack about the online retailer's move into auctions. Some wonder whether that's a sign of a little bit of intimidation -- something many of us would not have thought possible of eBay a year or so ago.

Among other interesting recent discussion topics sparked by David Gardner himself has been Overstock's hold on the female shopper, and whether that is the company's key differentiation. Women are responsible for a large chunk of consumer sales, and it's no secret that many female shoppers can't resist the buzz you get from a great bargain. Overstock has said that two-thirds of its customers are women.

For now, many let the worries get in their way, although when David Gardner recommended Overstock in Rule Breakers, he did so with a five- to 10-year outlook in mind. While that's a long time to wait and watch and wonder, the Rule Breakers team will be following the company every step of the way.

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