Actually, Charly, I calculate my values for biotechs two separate times. First, I look at the pipeline and do the same sort of discounting calculations that you do, but then I pair those figures with book value. By looking at the price-to-book ratio, you can get a sense of just how much optimism is baked into a biotech stock. Argue with it if you'd like, but it's worked well for me and led me into several multi-baggers.

Moving on, we have the Nuvion issue. Simply put, folks, Charly and I are in vast disagreement about the sales potential of Nuvion. He thinks it'll be a phenomenal blockbuster. I don't. I agree that it will be a successful drug, yes, but I think $1.3 billion in sales is way out on the tail end of the probability curve, unless we happen to see a bout of Brazilian-style hyperinflation over the next five or so years.

But see, that's the wonderful thing about biotech modeling. Want to make a stock look cheap? Just pump the future sales potential of a drug by a few hundred million and watch that target price soar.

Simply put, if somebody came up to me today and offered to sell me all the rights to Nuvion for $10 a share, I'd laugh that person out of my office. What's more, by placing such a high value on Nuvion, Charly gives me another weapon in this duel. What happens if Nuvion craps out and turns into a big fat zero? I'll tell you what happens --Protein Design Labs (NASDAQ:PDLI) spends a day on the Nasdaq Biggest Losers list, and a good-sized chunk of its market valuation goes "poof."

I don't dispute at all the notion that PDL is a quality biotech investment idea. Frankly, I love the mixture of stable (and cash-rich) low-risk royalties coupled with high-potential pipeline candidates. But as in all things, price matters. The stock has already had a nice 50% jump up from its lows, and I just don't think we're in "good buy" territory any more.

Offer me the stock at $18 or below, and we'll talk. Until then, the risk-benefit analysis swings more to "risk" in this Fool's view.

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Fool contributor Stephen Simpson has no financial interest in any stocks mentioned (that means he's neither long nor short the shares).