Youku Tudou (UNKNOWN:YOKU.DL) has struck an exclusive partnership with Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) to bring more than 2,500 hours of TVB's dramas and old classics each year to Youku Tudou's websites.

Announced at a conference during the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival, the two-year deal will bring almost all new and classic TVB titles to Youku Tudou. The deal will also make TVB's content exclusively available to Youku Tudou on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices. 

The deal also makes way for co-producing original content and resource sharing agreements. One possibility is co-promoting content by TVB-affiliated celebrities, related performances, and other events. 

This partnership represents Youku Tudou's latest move in bringing original overseas film and television content to its sites. Three months ago, Youku Tudou became the exclusive source for AMC (NASDAQ: AMCX) content in China. Other recent partners include the BBC, MBC (Korean Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.), and other major U.S. TV content right holders.

Youku Tudou's press release says:

Youku Tudou has both the largest copyrighted video repository and user base. TVB has a spotless reputation and history throughout the Chinese-speaking world," said Youku Tudou President Dele Liu. This strategic and cooperative partnership combines the strength of Youku Tudou's Internet platform and apps with TVB's wonderful repertoire of shows. It's an invaluable combination that will help Youku Tudou achieve its goal of being the go-to source for high-quality Internet television in China.