Options can add value to a strong investing strategy, yet many investors don't feel comfortable enough with options to use them effectively. The Motley Fool Options service has helped its members unlock the power of options, and since opening in 2009, the service has had an amazing track record of generating profits in nine out of every 10 positions that its advisors have completed. Motley Fool Options has been closed to new members on multiple occasions in the past, but right now, you can get access to Options and its winning picks at an attractive price of $999. Below, you'll learn how you can capitalize on this opportunity, but first, let's take a look at why the service deserves your attention.

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Options co-advisors Jim Gillies and Jeff Fischer. Image source: The Motley Fool.

Let Options show you how to be a more powerful investor

Motley Fool Options uses a two-part method for making its recommendations that harnesses the full power of The Motley Fool. It looks first for promising stocks, often tapping companies that other Motley Fool analysts have identified as great potential candidates for stock investors. After that, Options advisors Jeff Fischer and Jim Gillies match up each pick with an appropriate options strategy to maximize their chances of a generating a profit.  

In particular, Options offers detailed instructions on how to open options positions, what to look for while the positions are open, and how you should expect to exit the position in the future. Even though the service sometimes uses options that expire within just a few months, it still has a long-term vision in making investment selections. Often, Options recommendations advise members to write options rather than buying them, which can produce an immediate stream of income and offer some flexibility in how the position develops over time.

Get the Motley Fool options recommendations you want -- while you still can!

When you look at the track record that Motley Fool Options has put together, you'll see its strategies can produce consistent winning options positions. One of the keys to the service's success has been to use uniquely structured strategies that take advantage of the power that options offer investors.

For instance, Disney (NYSE:DIS) is an example of how Options looks to use long-term call options to gain leverage and flexibility in using investment capital. In late 2013, the House of Mouse looked like it had almost unlimited potential, thanks to its acquisitions of key content-producing studios like Marvel and Lucasfilm. Rather than spending $6,900 for 100 shares of Disney, Options investors were able to buy call options for just $1,333. By the time Options closed the position in early 2016, those options had nearly tripled in value to $3,847. Those gains compared quite favorably to a stock that had risen by "only" about 40% over that time frame.

At the same time, Options also profits from earning small profits consistently. Consulting company Accenture (NYSE:ACN) has benefited from greater adoption of new technology, and Options used a diagonal call strategy to produce regular income and benefit from the stock's steady rise. On 11 occasions, Options wrote calls against the long-term options that it already owned, and that has produced returns of more than 100%.

Get the options expertise you need -- from Motley Fool Options!

Right now, Motley Fool Options is accepting new members at its introductory rate of $999 per year. That gives you immediate access to all of the current recommendations that the service has made to its members, along with a host of other features that will enhance your knowledge of options trading and strategy.

To add options to the tools in your investing toolbox, don't wait: Join the Motley Fool Options community today. By becoming a member of this elite options investing service, you'll be ready to harness the power of options for your portfolio. Click here to get your Motley Fool Options membership started today.

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