"Hooker 3Q Profit Nearly Doubles." So proclaimeth the headline from AP's story on Motley Fool Hidden Gems pick Hooker Furniture (NASDAQ:HOFT), which helped to kick off the latest edition of earnings season with a report late Wednesday afternoon. But this morning, Fools may be wondering: If profits were so good, why is the stock down 2%?

Let's find out. In the third quarter of 2006, Hooker booked $0.10 per share in profits under GAAP. That's nearly twice the $0.06 per share it recorded in Q3 2005 -- but it's only half the story.

Looking deeper, we can see that at this time last year, Hooker's earnings were depressed by a $0.25-per-share (after-tax) charge to earnings, recorded to cover the costs of closing down its Pleasant Garden, N.C. plant. When Hooker nearly doubled those profits to $0.10 per share this quarter, it did so despite taking a $0.15-per-share charge (again, after taxes) to close yet another plant -- this time, in Roanoke, Va. Net out the charges for plant closures, and the firm's profit picture looks a lot less attractive: $0.31 per share last year, and $0.25 per share this year, for about a 20% decline.

Yesterday's news looks even worse in light of CEO Paul Toms' implication that by the time we get through the current fourth quarter of fiscal 2006, third-quarter results will look rosy by comparison. Despite noting that "business has improved marginally since August," Toms warned that in the firm's fiscal Q4, "we are up against a strong fourth quarter last year."

That sounds bad enough, but to this Fool's mind, the statement isn't just an earnings warning, but a disingenuous one to boot. "Strong" is not at all how I remember Hooker's Q4 2005. On the contrary, here's what I wrote one year-minus-one quarter ago:

Hooker finished its fiscal year not with a bang, but with a whimper. Sales were down 3% for the quarter; net income fell 38%. Ouch. And the news for the year was similar: sales down 1%, net income down 35%. Quadruple ouch. The predictable sell-off began after market close last night, and continues as of this writing, with the stock having already fallen 12%.

("Strong," Mr. Toms? Perhaps in the sense that a hunk of moldy French cheese has a "strong" smell. Last year's fourth quarter stank to high heaven.)

Now, fast-forward nine months, and here comes Hooker, spritzing perfume on its outlook while warning that next quarter won't even measure up to last year's performance. Look out below, folks.

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