I won't mince words when it comes to Select Comfort (NASDAQ:SCSS). Buying one of its air-chambered beds was perhaps the best decision I've made this year. Trading away Jamal Lewis for Donovan McNabb in my fantasy football league wasn't too shabby, either.

As I see it, the spring box mattress is dead and it won't be long before "my Sleep Number or yours" becomes a universal pickup line. As a member of the Rule Breakers analytical team, I may not always see eye to eye with the Hidden Gems camp, but this is one Tom Gardner pick that I wish I would have bought into when he recommended the shares two years ago.

I've learned better since then. I own a Sleep Number 5000. I own shares in Select Comfort. Move over, Lindsay Wagner, I've got a testimonial to pitch.

Naturally, we don't all see it that way. My friend Chuck Saletta isn't necessarily knocking the product, but he does have his concerns over some disturbing financial trends at the company in the near term and mattress replacement trends in the long term. As an Inside Value guy, he also has some beefs with the stock's valuation.

Where do you stand? That's what this Duel is all about.

Duel on!