As it promised back in May, Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is launching ready-to-drink coffee beverages in Japan and Taiwan. Although the announcement comes as little surprise, investors may be interested in a few newer details.

Dubbed Starbucks Discoveries, the new line of chilled coffees will come ready-made in cups complete with straws. (My Foolish neighbor Nate Parmelee, who recently moved here from Japan, tells me this drink format is popular with Japanese customers.) Starbucks Discoveries will be available in two varieties, Seattle (latte) and Milano (espresso). The beverages will be available in convenience stores in Tokyo and in selected locations across Taiwan.

Although Starbucks' press announcement dubbed this "a first outside North America" in its press release, let it be known that the company means this is Starbucks' first ready-to-drink beverage in Asia.

As already discussed in May, other companies such as Motley Fool Inside Value pick Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO) provide similar wares in Japan. However, Japan and Taiwan represent a $10 billion market, and Starbucks does have the premium brand name in coffee products these days -- and a great following in Japan, especially among the young, as Nate can testify -- so it should be able to give rivals quite a run for their money.

Once again, Starbucks is making an effort to capitalize on its brand with a new channel in an important market. These are the sorts of moves that investors hope will lead the company to continued solid growth.

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