Forget the necktie -- give Dad something he can really use this year. We're serving up plenty of Foolish ideas to help you out.

My father passed away last summer. One of the many things I relished and will truly miss in our relationship was our many discussions of my stock holdings. I loved it when the topic was Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), which is definitely high on my list of favorite positions. And if you're looking for a unique gift for your dad this Father's Day, shares in America's highly recognizable beverage company just might be the ticket.

Why is Coke so high on my list? The attribute I value most highly is the soda company's vaunted dividend history. Oh, yes, this is one business that puts the share in shareholder. Since Coke is capable of generating a lot of operational cash flow and, from that, a lot of free cash flow, it makes sure that those who own its stock are rewarded through increased quarterly dividends.

In February 1997, the quarterly payout was equal to $0.14 per share. Today, those who call Coke not just a can of refreshment but also a personal holding can count on $0.34 for every certificate they own. That can build great wealth over time if you're inclined toward disciplined dividend reinvestment. My father loved to hear when Coke raised its dividend. If he heard first, he would inform me, and if I was the one to get the knowledge before he did, I would tell him, and he would be so happy for me.

After I started my investing career, our talks during road trips began to center on money and growth. When bringing up the subject of Coke, I just had to mention the incredible brand value inherent in the beverage portfolio -- which Interbrand estimates to be around $67 billion!

It's a cliche by now to say that Coke is a great brand, but it really is true -- it's what drives the returns. Whether it's Dasani water, Powerade -- the archrival of PepsiCo's (NYSE:PEP) Gatorade -- or the new hit Coke Zero, I know that the company will be able to leverage its literal liquid assets to great financial advantage. Plus, there was an awesome recent acquisition -- Coke purchased Glaceau, which is responsible for those VitaminWater products. As Nathan Parmelee recently pointed out, this purchase will put the company in a nice position in terms of competing with the likes of Hansen Natural (NASDAQ:HANS).

Lately, Coke has gotten back on the earnings-growth bandwagon. My father would have loved to hear about that. Tim Beyers wrote about CEO Neville Isdell's plans for expanding returns on invested capital, continuing innovation of the product lines, and capturing further growth in the consumer beverage marketplace on a global basis. I firmly believe that Coke is a great investment idea for any individual with a long-term game plan, especially given that its current dividend yield of 2.6% is quite nice.

I'll miss my father and the stock discussions I had with him, especially those that centered on Coca-Cola and my writing for the Fool. (He enjoyed knowing that I wrote articles on the equities markets.) For those looking for an investment idea for Dad, look no further than the world's most celebrated soft drink.       

Pop open some refreshing Takes for Father's Day:

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Fool contributor Steven Mallas owns shares of Coca-Cola, and he appreciated everything his dad ever did for him. As of this writing, he was ranked 7,491 out of 30,066 rated iplayers in the Motley Fool CAPS system. Don't know what CAPS is? Check it out. The Fool has a disclosure policy.