Here's an inside look and listen at a recent recommendation from the team at Motley Fool Inside Value, who spend their time searching for deeply undervalued companies that will help investors preserve capital, minimize risk, and achieve long-term, market-beating returns.

Here's just a bit of what Inside Value advisor Philip Durell had to say about The Brink's Co. (NYSE: BCO):

Brink's business of transporting cash and valuables has been flying under Wall Street's radar. That's our gain, because this is a high-quality business with a Fort Knox-like balance sheet and operations that spew cash like Old Faithful gushes water. And with more than 70% of revenue coming from outside North America, a piece of Brink's gets us international exposure at a bargain price.

Listen to Philip and fellow Inside Value advisors Joe Magyer and Andy Louis-Charles discuss The Brink's Company's lock on the cash transportation business and potential competition. (Approximate running time: 8 minutes.)

The article was compiled by Kris Eddy, who does not own shares of any stock mentioned. The Fool has a disclosure policy.