Please forgive the pun (and the dozens to follow, as well as the endless stream of gags in the accompanying video), but we've got a brazen stock pick this week for investors looking to boost their exposure to the apparel industry.

After ogling intimate apparel companies for some time -- lifting and separating the pros and cons of the major players -- we're ready to reveal our top bra-stock pick. But before we flash our favorite company in public, let's take a peek into consumers' drawers. Underwear drawers, that is.

Beyond brassieres
It may not be a topic of frequent conversation, but women spend billions on bras; word has it that the average female consumer buys five or six every year. But it's not just bras that we're cramming in our dresser drawers.

Today, what women's outfits aren't showing is just as important as what they are. Innovations in the undergarment industry -- everything from "shapewear" like the popular Spanx to sports bras made from futuristic fabrics -- have taken this sector well beyond simple, practical support or impractical prettiness.

The companies that make these items -- Hanesbrands (NYSE: HBI), Maidenform (NYSE: MFB), Warnaco (NYSE: WRC), and Limited Brands (NYSE: LTD) -- are constantly searching for new ways to impress their female customers (and make their own products "must-have" items under every wardrobe). But don't be fooled: Despite Victoria's Secret's silky death grip on brassiere mindshare, it's not the company turning our heads this week. Just take a look at how the competition is racking... er... stacking up:

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