If you've ever had doubts that there are big profits to be soaked up in the toilet paper business, consider the fact that Procter & Gamble(NYSE: PG) is suing Georgia-Pacific(NYSE: GP) in order to protect t.p. trade secrets.

The lawsuit says Georgia-Pacific hired an employee from P&G who possessed "confidential information" regarding "Through-Air-Drying (TAD) paper-making technology and processes." When P&G discovered the employee was assigned to a job where that knowledge would directly benefit Georgia-Pacific, it saw profits being flushed down the toilet. "We can't sit by," said chief legal officer Jim Johnson, "and watch years of hard work and creative thinking go to benefit a direct competitor."

Georgia-Pacific pooh-poohs the idea it's breaking any non-disclosure agreements, saying it has "taken all appropriate steps to ensure this employee does not reveal any Procter & Gamble trade secrets, regardless of the duties he has." The company may feel it's the butt of a joke but it's not cracking, saying the lawsuit has "no basis in fact."

There's really no telling how it will all come out in the end, but we have some advice: Wipe the slate clean and shake hands. After washing first, of course.