When you're checking out a bank, don't just look for the one that's offering new customers the shiniest toasters. Here are some questions to seek answers to:

  • What's the interest rate on various accounts?

  • What's the minimum deposit necessary to open various accounts? And, how about the minimum balance necessary to avoid fees once the accounts are open?

  • What is the per-check charge? What is the charge for ordering new checks? Will the bank accept industry standard checks printed elsewhere?

  • What is the charge for a bounced check?

  • Are canceled checks returned with the monthly statements? If not, what are the charges for having a canceled check returned?

  • What ATM fees are charged to withdraw cash or make a point-of-purchase transaction (e.g., pay for groceries, pay for gasoline, etc.) with my ATM card? Am I charged a fee to speak to a teller rather than use the ATM for a transaction? Am I charged if I use another bank's ATM, even if they are in the same "ATM network"?

  • What online banking options are offered (if that's of interest to you)?

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