There's one risk-free investment whose returns are blowing away the competition. Where you'll find it, however, will shock you: your friendly neighborhood bank. If you want the best fixed-income returns with no risk, bank certificates of deposit are the place to be.

Trouncing Treasuries
You could hardly find a more unlikely candidate for the top of the interest-rate heap. When you think of bank CDs, you probably picture an elderly person walking slowly toward a bank building, clutching a savings-account passbook and looking forward to the weekly visit with the tellers and bankers. This person you're thinking of is a retiree who has saved as much as he or she ever will and is now trying to make ends meet on a fixed income.

Well, think again. As you can see, the best banks are paying rates on CDs that beat the pants off their risk-free rivals, U.S. Treasury securities.


Rate on Treasury

Rate on CD

Offering Bank

6 months




1 year



AmTrust Direct

2 years



Alliance Bank (NASDAQ:ABNS)

3 years




5 years




Sources: Bloomberg,

CDs are also doing better than most bond funds. Looking through a few of the best-yielding short-term bond funds reveals that yields are hovering between 4.5% and 5%, depending on whether the fund holds Treasuries, government agency bonds, or corporate debt. Intermediate-term funds have slightly higher yields, but you have to take on the high default risk of high-yield junk bonds to find funds that have consistently higher yields. Meanwhile, the FDIC insures your CD investment up to $100,000, so you run no risk of default.

Small investors win
The dominance of CD rates is a rare example of a situation in which small investors have an advantage over big institutional investors. If you're a fund manager with hundreds of millions of dollars to invest, you're not going to divvy up your money among thousands of different banks at $100,000 a pop. Treasuries give you the market depth you need to invest that kind of money. But for individual investors, $100,000 may well be more than enough to handle the fixed-income portion of your portfolio. And in most cases, it's easy to buy CDs, even from Internet-based banks that don't have branches in your area. With the magic of electronic funds transfer, your investment is often as easy as a click of the mouse.

So if you're looking for a no-risk investment with the best yields you can get, look no further than bank CDs. They're not just for Grandma anymore.

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