Looking to build an IRA to help secure your financial future? A simple but Foolish way to build an IRA is to start with Selected Funds American Shares (FUND:SLASX) and Dodge and Cox International (FUND:DODFX). Both of these outstanding funds can be purchased in an IRA with a minimum of $1000. Subsequent investments can be made for as little as $25 for SLASX and $250 for DODFX. And if you purchase these funds directly from the company, you can avoid all sales charges.

I would recommend maintaining a 75% SLASX and 25% DODFX balance between the two funds. When the SLASX balance reaches $10,000 the shares can be exchanged for "D" shares which trade without 12-b1 charges (no charges means higher returns). Dodge and Cox International has a 10% exposure to Emerging Markets so you can forego making a specific Emerging Market allocation in your portfolio as one is already built in.

When your IRA balance reaches $50,000, add BridgewayUltra Small Company Market (FUND:BRSIX) in a $2000 dose. Once you buy BRSIX, there is no minimum required on subsequent reinvestments. That's a nice little treat.

These three funds have low annual expenses, a proven record of outstanding performance, and most importantly they focus on their investors. The employees and managers of each of these fund families have a significant portion of their personal savings and retirement assets in their mutual funds. There's nothing scary about investing with a fund manager that "eats his own cooking."

Those three funds provide a solid foundation to work from. When your IRA grows to $100,000, you reach age 40, or you are extremely risk averse you can add bond funds (domestic, international, high yield, TIPS). And at the $100,000 level, maintain a 3%-5% allocation Real Estate Investment Trusts. That will diversify your portfolio while giving you exposure to other asset classes.

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Dodge and Cox International Fund is a Champion Funds recommendation.

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