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Brenda Barron

Brenda Barron


Brenda Barron offers insights and analysis of the latest news in The Business at The Motley Fool. You can follow her on Twitter @digitalinkwell.

Recent articles


Disco Bees Mobile App Launches for Android After One Million iOS Downloads

A motivated team, unique concept, and passion for puzzle games makes Disco Bees a quiet standout.

Why Bruno Mars Didn't Get Paid for his Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Following his halftime performance, Bruno Mars' sales are up and, as always, the record companies win.


Facebook Buys Branch, Adds Conversation Linking to Its Acquisition List

Now that Branch and sister app Potluck are a part of Facebook, what does that mean for these standalone services?

old spice momsong

Old Spice Momsong Ad Latest in Series of Viral Hits

Successful viral ads are more than just amusing, they’re brand builders.


Will Apple Win the Patent War Against Samsung?

Apple isn’t off its rocker—the company is protecting future interests by enforcing past patents.

apple misunderstood ad

What’s the Value of Viral Advertising?

Apple and Joe Boxer are just the latest companies cashing in on the branded content approach instead of relying on traditional advertising.


Kohl’s, Others Staying Open Over 100 Hours Straight in Mad Dash to Christmas

Will 108 hours of non-stop shopping make up for a short holiday season?


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Offers Unique Advertising Model

The hour-long ad isn't a format other companies can mimic. And the reason is precisely what you think.


Fast Food Strike Raises Questions About Availability of Good Jobs

Minimum wage hikes and labor complaints aside, the lack of job opportunity is the real issue for fast food strikers.


Apple Buys Topsy, Makes Play For Twitter’s Firehose of Data

Apple has a history of buying up small tech firms, but what will the Topsy acquisition mean for Twitter integration?

Will the Moto G Lead the Cheap Smartphone Revolution?

The Moto G offers a reduced price tag without a loss of feature set pointing to a change in smartphone accessibility.


How Twitter’s IPO Will Change the Company Forever

Now that Twitter is a publicly traded company, it stands to make major changes -- for good and for bad.

Will Amazon’s Original Series Be Enough to Compete With Netflix?

Now that Amazon has to play with the streaming big boys, it’s apparent the online retailer just isn’t ready for primetime.

NFL Players Sue BB&T Bank for $53 Million in Investment Losses

Sixteen former and current NFL stars suffered major losses on their investments with BB&T. What can you learn from their troubles?

cheese stick recall

Kraft Recall of String Cheese Raises Questions About Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows a product recall is bad for business. But how bad is it?


Twitter's IPO Can be Successful, Even if the Company Isn't Selling Anything

Twitter's expected IPO is lower than expected, but this could be a good sign for other intangible businesses.


The SEC's Crowdfunding Rule Could Change Everything

Step aside venture capitalists. A new SEC rule would give the public the power to fund new businesses.