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Caroline Banton

Caroline Banton


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Wolverine Trail shoes

Wolverine World Wide Might Actually Be a Safe Bet in Retail

Not many retailers tick all the boxes for sustained and dynamic growth, but this footwear and apparel company is coming close.

woman shopping

Better Buy: Costco vs. Target

Both Costco and Target are reaping the rewards of optimistic consumers and a decent economy. But for how long? Exactly how resilient are the two big-box retailers?


Rail and Trucks Go Head to Head as Teething Troubles With PSR Implementation Abate

Railroads are making headway with PSR implementation and may be re-introducing dropped intermodal routes. What wiil be the upshot for trucks?


Crocs: Where Ugly Practicality Meets Elegant Luxury, and It Works

Crocs is making out financially with the most unlikely of collaborators. With a seemingly endless array of potential partners, it has creative latitude and a market eager for the next novelty.


Foot Locker Lures Gen X With a Three-Pronged Strategy

After disappointing Q2 results, the shoe seller strives to get shoppers to think digitally and shop locally.


Domino's Doubles Down on Tech to Outpace the Competition

Pizza chain Domino's has been unrelenting in its efforts to turn technology to its advantage.


Dick's Growth Strategy Relies on Diet of In-House Brands and Digital Pie

News on debt, dividends, and digital could spark some renewed enthusiasm for the sporting goods retailer.


It's All Quiet on the Darden Front, and That May Not Be a Bad Thing

Darden Restaurants appears to be following a “minimalist” growth strategy with no major announcements toward a dynamic path going into 2020. Will this be enough for investors?

fast food fast casual double decker burger getty

Hormel Rises on the Food Supply Chain With Alternative Proteins and -- Wait for It -- Pumpkin Spam?

Hormel Foods is wisely setting itself up for a lucrative future by maintaining a low debt load, avoiding risk by taking on sustainability concerns, and exploring alternative proteins.

cheesecake as in Cheesecake Factory but not

Cracker Barrel Doubles Down on Country Music, Southern Fried Chicken, and Pecan Pudding

Cracker Barrel is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Rather than changing course and re-inventing its brand to appeal to a new audience, this much-loved old timer is solidifying its place as a casual hospitality leader by delivering just what its fans have always appreciated.

shopping mall retail couple

VF Corporation “Van”-dicated in First-Quarter Earnings

VF Corporation is not relying on Vans to keep it moving in the future. The company has proven its capability to be one step ahead of the Birkenstocks of the world when it comes to fashion trends and consumer loyalty with intelligent leadership.

clothing hanging on a rack in a store fashion retail apparel clothes

Enough with the Hoodies and Lycra. Can Ralph Lauren’s Sustainability Drive Bring Denim Back?

Brands such as Champion, Vans, and Lululemon are undoubtedly in their heyday. But what comes next for global fashion and its athleisure craze? Ralph Lauren is betting on sustainably sourced denim.

financial health stethoscope money cash hundred bills medical healthcare

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss Vertex’s Next Move, And It’s Bound to Be a Good One

The pharma and biotech industries are high risk. But Vertex Pharmaceuticals is boldly soldiering on and wisely investing where it has a competitive advantage.

clothing hanging on a rack in a store fashion retail apparel clothes

Hanes Is Riding the Retro Wave and Set to Make a Comeback in 2020

Hanesbrands is posed to make a name for itself (again) in 2020.

golf getty

Callaway Is a Sheep in Jack Wolf’s Clothing, Thanks to Topgolf

The golf industry suffered severely following the 2008 financial crisis. But Callaway Golf is coming up strong amidst a rebounding leisure industry. Here, the active outdoors meets Las Vegas-style hospitality.

man using virtual reality headset VR

Lenovo Is Using Its Head: Partnering With VR Headset Pioneer Oculus Is Just One of Its Smart Moves

With strong earnings as a ballast to its bold strategy, Lenovo is looking like a force to be reckoned with in the tech market.

fast food fast casual double decker burger getty

Why YUM! Brands, and Taco Bell in Particular, Can Beat Out its Competitors

YUM! Brands is making some bold decisions that could pay off in the long run.

A Beautiful Friendship: How A Hard Brexit Will Benefit U.S. Freight Forwarders

A hard Brexit doesn't necessarily spell trouble for this U.S. shipping company.

fresh food prep meal kit getty 2

Where’s the Beef? Why the Brits Are Going Meatless, and Kellogg Can’t Wait

A look at how Kellogg stands to prosper from a growing British veggie trend.

alternating United Kingdom and European Union flags hanging from building -- UK EU Brexit

Why Tyson Foods Loves British Politics

How the American company stands to benefit from the changing British political landscape.