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christian sgrignoli

christian sgrignoli


Christian Sgrignoli is the President of CT Financial LLC. The firm was created in 2012 as a consulting business via state legislative enactments. It currently operates as an investment management and research company.

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Dubai's demographics provide insight on the potential profitability of Six Flags' newest park.

Gross Margin Decline at Lululemon has Just Begun

Lululemon's lack of a competitive advantage for it's premium pricing products will force gross margins to decline as the woman's athletic apparel market matures.

Shutterfly Operating Margins Will Likely Normalize

Shutterflies future results should look better once investments in operating expenses pay off.

Buffalo Wild Wings Is Priced for Perfection

Given the companies internal projections, its stock is priced for perfection.

Revenue and Profitability are Stronger Than Ever at Sirius

Sirius has provided great top-line growth and profit margins over the past couple of years.

Disney is a Story Worth Watching

Disney's generous valuation makes it a precarious investment since goodwill and intangibles are 43% of total assets.

Another Lawsuit Highlights Trouble for Barnes & Noble

The competitive pressure on Barnes & Noble has been exasperated by the companies financial reporting manipulation.

Shrinking Margins Force Investors to Jump Ship

Carnival's financial results are in rough waters as profitability ratios continue to slide.

Where Has the Cash Gone?

Staple's cash flow and liquidity decrease may put the breaks on the cash dividend and share buyback program.

Penn National Gaming is a Possible Takeover Target

Penn National Gaming remains undervalued since completing its spinoff.