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Oil Majors’ Profits Take A Beating

The first quarterly earnings reports since the collapse of oil prices are in and the numbers show a significant deterioration in profits for the oil majors.

Arctic Oil On Life Support

The first month of 2015 has darkened Arctic dreams even further.

Leaked Document Could Shatter UK Shale Dreams

A committee made up of members of parliament from several political parties issued a damning new report on the state of “fracking” in the United Kingdom.

Electric Utilities Face A Disruptive Future

Cheap gas and oil aren't the only forces disrupting the U.S. electric system.

OPEC Chief Claims Oil Will Rebound Higher Than In 2008

Abdullah al-Badri hypothesized that a decision by his cartel to cut production conceivably could lead to oil at $200 a barrel.

U.S. Pushes Energy Exports to Undermine Venezuela

The United States is seeking to dislodge Venezuela’s energy influence in the Caribbean, capitalizing on the collapse in oil prices.

New King In Saudi Arabia But Same Old Oil Policy

News of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah's death briefly rattled the oil markets, but the media attention paid to the event outstrips the significance.

Russia May Be Forced Into Production Cuts Says Deputy PM

The 7-month-old plunge in oil prices will force Moscow to cut its budget for 2015 by 10 percent, perhaps even more.

When Will Oil Markets Find A Bottom?

The U.S. Energy Information Agency may offer some help here.

Expanding Russia Issues Europe An Ultimatum

Gazprom plans to cut exports to Europe via Ukraine within the next two years and is offering little consolation to its most established clients.

Oil Price Collapse Hurting Some More Than Others

A new Wood Mackenzie report identifies several trends beyond the simple narrative that low prices will force a cutback in drilling.

Shell Scraps $6 Billion Project In Qatar

Royal Dutch Shell and Qatar Petroleum have scrapped a 3-year-old plan to build a petrochemical plant in Qatar because the plunging price of oil has rendered the project unprofitable.

Obama To Impose More Emissions Regulations On Oil And Gas Industry

The administration says Obama will bypass Congress again and invoke executive authority under the Clean Air Act to set new rules.

Oil Export Ban Slowly Eroding

Lost amid all the media buzz over the push in the new U.S. Congress to approve the Keystone XL pipeline are the seeds of a major energy policy overhaul.

Could The Oil Bust Last?

The bust may be here to stay, at least a bit longer than many anticipated.

Could ISIS Attack Saudi Oil?

Saudi Arabia is at the top of ISIS’ hit list.

One Region That Could Benefit Most From Low Oil Prices

In East Asia, the 50 percent drop in the price of crude since June appears to have created opportunities for economic growth.

New Year Oil Price Offensive Launched By Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, is raising prices for its Asian customers but lowering them for Europe, a move that may muddy any understanding of the kingdom’s oil strategy.

US Sees Huge Energy Opportunity In Europe

Low prices and looming recessions across the globe afford the US a golden opportunity to exert its weight and perhaps help some friends along the way.

Energy Sector Outlook for 2015

If what happens next is anything like what happened after 2008, energy sector investors are in for a couple of very good years.