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Chris Brantley


Chris Brantley is a contributor at The Motley Fool specializing in sports-related businesses, the food and beverage industry, and whatever else piques his curiosity in the world of business and beyond.

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The rumors of Facebook's demise seem to have been greatly exaggerated. At least, according to new research. Find out why Facebook investors don't need to worry about minimal declines in Facebook use among teens and young adults.

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After employing a "reset" strategy Nike is starting to show signs of life in Greater China, but its future orders have some investors concerned. What lays ahead for Nike?

What Tiger Woods Is Worth to Golf and its Advertisers

When Tiger is MIA, every golf sponsor suffers not just Nike. In fact, television ratings plummet 30% and some experts estimate the golf industry as a whole takes a $15 billion hit.

Why Diageo Wants to Up its Stake in United Spirits

United Spirits brands are taking over Drinks International's "The Millionaires' Club" rankings -- and Diageo wants more of the action. Find out why long-term investors should be toasting Diageo's tender for the Indian spirits maker.

What Starbucks Has to Gain by Expanding its Alcohol Sales

Meet me at Starbucks for a cup of ... Malbec? In an initiative to grow sales and double market cap, the undisputed coffee giant is expanding its sale of wine and beer in more of its stores. Here's why it just might work.

Why Apple Will Thrive With Ive at the Software Design Helm

Apple just moved its "human interface" -- or software design -- team under star designer Jonathan Ive. Here's why this "design decision" might turn out to be Tim Cook's most important move since taking over.

Why Apple Is Worried About Samsung and Google

Samsung smartphones and Google's Android OS continue to outpace Apple's iPhone and iOS and Apple's sales force is worried, according to an internal memo presented in Samsung's court battle with Apple.

How DuckDuckGo Is Positioning Itself to Take on Google

Right now, it appears that Google has conquered the search engine world with Bing and Yahoo lagging way behind in market share and revenues. Find out how a search engine taking a different approach could carve out a profitable niche among the big players.

Diageo Targets the Booming Bourbon Market with Bulleit

Diageo want its share of the growing America whiskey market. But, it may have to launch a bit of a covert operation to make Bulleit a player in the world market, while maintaining its artisanal image.