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Jacob Meredith

Jacob Meredith


President of Appalachian Capital Group, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser located in Roanoke, Virginia. Follow Jacob at @JMeredith_ACG.

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3 Stocks Income Investors Should Be Buying Today

McCormick & Company, Flowers Foods, and Coca-Cola are three dividend paying companies that could be added to a long-term income portfolio.

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1 Dividend Aristocrat That Is Scorching The Market

Colgate-Palmolive has been extremely successful during the last several years, and the trend should continue for many more to come.

Want Stability, Growth, And Income? Look To Flowers Foods

Flowers Foods is an excellent mid-cap consumer goods company for a long term hold.

3 Reasons Kroger's Market-Trouncing Run Won't End Soon

Kroger has nearly doubled the market over the last 10 years and has no plans to stop now.

Flowers Foods: Achieving Excellence for Investors

Flowers Foods is a well-run company that has been, and will continue to, enrich investors.

Hershey Investors Should Plan for Strong Returns

Hershey is a large company in the United States but still has plenty of international growth left, which will help with strong returns for shareholders.

Soccer Fans: 2 Buy-and-Hold Companies to Get You Safely Through the World Cup

Coca-Cola and Flowers Foods are two companies that could anchor any portfolio for years to come.

How Brown-Forman Will Build on the Success of 2014

Brown-Forman posted impressive numbers in 2014, and this should continue for many years to come.

Is It Time to Start Investing in Home Depot?

Home Depot has been out of favor with the market recently but has strong fundamentals working in its favor.

3 Powerful Brands Building Investment Value

Three classic retail companies have incredibly strong brands that have helped them pile up hefty returns for investors.

3 Reasons Colgate-Palmolive Will Continue Enriching Shareholders

Colgate-Palmolive has crushed the market over the last ten years, and has the tools necessary to keep investors happy for many more to come.

3 Stocks to Anchor Your Long-Term Portfolio

Flowers Foods, Brown-Forman, and Hershey, though not revolutionary in their ways, have created plenty of value for investors and will continue to do so.

Why Warren Buffett Loves Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola has a strong business that has helped enrich Warren Buffett and many other investors over the last century.

Catching Up With Our Favorite Coffee Shops After Earnings

Starbucks and Dunkin' Brands reported good quarters on April 24, and both are poised to continue their growth.

2 Business Models Creating Everlasting Investment Value

A strong business model is necessary for long-term investment candidates, and Brown-Forman and Dunkin' Brands each have it.

2 Companies That Are In Every Household

Kellogg and Energizer trade at discounts to the market--can investors profit from this?

A Good Defense Can Be the Best Offense: Two Stocks for Your Portfolio

Kimberly-Clark and Colgate-Palmolive are two companies that your portfolio could use if you are worried about a market downturn.

Mold Your Own Dividend Aristocrat Portfolio

Four companies that can give investors good yield and peace of mind for a long time to come.

Is Winmark Worthy of Your Portfolio?

Winmark Corporation probably isn't on your radar, but it's a great company that should be.

Is Chipotle's Ultra-Premium Valuation Worth It?

Chipotle is an excellent company, but its shares may be very overvalued at this point in time.