Mike Fee

Mike Fee


Mike Fee is originally from St. Paul, MN and has been working and attending Webster University in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been a Fool since 2009. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @mfee02

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Realty Income Corp's Business Model Explained in 6 Easy Steps

If the business model isn't broken, don't fix it. Realty Income has followed this motto for more than four decades and it has seen tremendous growth. But what about critics who say businesses need to "change or die" to survive? Can Realty Income keep its business model intact, or does it need to be tweaked?

The Secret Behind Taco Bell's 45 Year Success

Both the REIT and the taco chain both began in the 1960s in California. In 1969, both companies met and an idea was proposed that launched Taco Bell into a nationwide success. Here is how it happened:

Why Bolivia Allows KFC and Starbucks, but Bans McDonald's

In May, 2014, Starbucks announced that it will open its first location in Bolivia soon, while Yum! Brands said that it will do the same. McDonald's previously failed in the country, closed all of its stores, and was later banned. What will its competitors do differently?

Why Air Methods Could Keep Soaring

This helicopter operator dominates its competition. Its entry into the tourism market looks like it is payoff off. Will the shares fly as high as its helicopters?

Myanmar: Full of Hope or All Hype?

Myanmar is being described as the last investment frontier in Southeast Asia. But with numerous challenges still ahead, should investors take caution?

Tractor Supply Can Weather Any Storm

Many retailers faced a challenging first quarter of 2014 as severe weather hurt sales and disrupted logistics, but Tractor Supply performed well. Here is how the company pulled it off:

Is Hilton Expanding Too Quickly in Myanmar?

Hilton just signed a deal to open five hotels over the next three years, but with significant delays and costs with its still unopened flagship Yagon hotel, should it slowdown?