Joseph Hogue

Joseph Hogue


I am a freelance equity analyst and investment writer with ten years in the industry. I have worked as a sell-side analyst and have written hundreds of articles, reports and valuations.

Recent articles

Stricter Rail Rules Mean More Profits for These MLPs

Rail transportation of crude and petroleum products has surged recently but is leading to massive spills and an increase in accidents. Regulators are taking a closer look and it could mean stronger demand for pipeline operators.

Peabody Earnings Could Be a Blowout

Coal stocks have languished over the past several years on cheap natural gas and stringent regulations. The market is expecting earnings to be abysmal but may be overlooking a rebound in the industry.

Forget Interest Rates, MLPs Will Continue to Make You Money

Despite currently near-zero interest rates, yields could increase over the rest of the year. While dividend-paying stocks and utilities may get hit, master limited partnerships could still return double-digits.

The Real Shale Story Is No Longer in the United States

The crisis in Ukraine may be fading from investors’ screens, but that doesn't mean the conflict won't have market consequences. Geopolitical issues are already changing the landscape for energy in the region, and these companies are poised to win big.

2 Refiners That Can Still Thrive After the Energy Export Approval

Shares of refiners sold off on Wednesday when the U.S. government approved the export of condensates. Several reasons point to a limited effect of the approval on the refinery industry and the sell-off has created an opportunity in two strong names.

3 MLPs Looking After Your Rights

One of the most overlooked issues in MLP investing is the incentive distribution rights granted to the general partner. These rights effectively create a conflict of interest between general partners and unitholders. Several partnerships have taken steps to reduce or eliminate this conflict and protect unitholder rights.

How High Can This Undervalued MLP Raise Its Distribution?

Shares of Boardwalk Pipeline Partners have surged 43% since the February sell-off on its distribution cut. The $4.5 billion midstream partnership has not completely overcome its cash flow problems, but sentiment is improving on the most inexpensive investment in the space. A strong coverage ratio should support shares with the potential for a huge distribution increase in the future.

The Best Deals in Midstream MLPs

Midstream MLPs are benefiting from a super-cycle in infrastructure building related to the massive production growth in U.S. energy. This super-cycle is driving higher distributions and could soon lead to more acquisitions in the space.

The Best Values in Upstream MLPs Could Make Attractive Targets

Upstream MLPs have historically acquired assets from traditional E&P companies but may be approaching a new phase of consolidation. Use valuation and coverage metrics to find the best buys and possible takeover targets.