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Brian Feroldi

Brian Feroldi


Brian Feroldi has been covering the healthcare and technology industries for the Motley Fool since 2015. Brian's investing goal is to find the highest quality companies that he can find, buy them, and then to sit back and let compounding work its magic. See all of his articles here and make sure you follow him on Twitter.

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Why InMode Stock Is Soaring Today

Shares jump after the newly public medical-device company reports upbeat earnings.

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Why GTT Communications Is Up Big Today

Shares of the beaten-down telecom rise after an activist investor discloses a big position.


Why ViewRay Stock Is Bouncing Back Today

Shares start to rebound after a gut-wrenching decline.


To Tesla or Not to Tesla?

A bull and a bear walk into a room and (civilly!) talk about the most controversial stock on the market.


3 More Medtech Stocks for Your Watch List

These three companies are pumping fresh air into the lungs of millions all over the world.

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Why ViewRay Stock Is Being Mauled Today

Traders are fleeing after the company reports mixed second-quarter results and slashes full-year guidance.

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Why Appian Stock Is Surging Today

Shares jump after the company reports upbeat first-quarter results and boosts guidance.

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Appian's Subscription Sales Are Soaring

Management boosts full-year guidance after a strong second quarter.


Huawei Restrictions Hit Skyworks Solutions

Revenue and profit fell hard after Skyworks temporarily stopped doing all business with one of its largest customers.


Infinera Benefits From Coriant Acquisition

The company's numbers in its latest report weren't great in absolute terms, but the pipeline continues to grow and management believes that it's on pace to return to profitability by the end of the year.


Why Infinera Stock Is Surging Today

Shares pop after the company reports better-than-expected second-quarter results and offers optimistic guidance.

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Why Corindus Vascular Robotics Is Skyrocketing

Shares soar after the company announces that it has accepted a buyout offer.


SailPoint Technologies Holdings Bounces Back

The identity governance software company reported upbeat second-quarter results and raised its full-year guidance.

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New Relic Experiences Growing Pains

Product launches are putting stress on the organization and have caused a few of the company's key metrics to slip.

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Why Inogen Shareholders Are Having Another Tough Day

Shares sink after the medical-device maker reported weak second-quarter results and slashed guidance. Again.

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Why SailPoint Technologies Holdings Is Rising Today

Upbeat second-quarter results and a guidance boost caused Wall Street to cheer.

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Why New Relic Is Down Big Today

Shares fell after management admitted that the company wasn't executing as well as hoped.

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Why Is Swooning Today

Shares dropped after the company reported rough second-quarter results and announced a leadership transition.


ShockWave Medical Boosts Guidance After Another Strong Quarter

The cardiovascular disease specialist continues to grow its top line at a breakneck speed.

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Here's Why Endo International Is Falling Today

Shares fall even though the company posted better-than-expected results. What can explain the move?