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Kristin Graham

Kristin Graham


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Could the worst really be behind us?

History Says Buy Now

If you spend too much time looking for signs, you'll miss the best returns.

Is the Restaurant Industry Doomed?

Who will survive in an overbuilt industry saddled with mundane options?

The Market's Best-Kept Secret

The public market should take note of private equity firms' successes.

Spring Hasn't Sprung for Retail

The National Retail Federation predicts a double-digit decline in Easter sales.

Finding a Company to Hold Forever

Michael Porter's five competitive forces can help uncover investments with long-term profitability.

Fear Inflation, Not Deflation

Breaking down the Consumer Price Index reveals a more interesting story.

Bullish on China's Stimulus Package

Will China's stimulus package sustain its necessary growth and its recent market rally?

Aeropostale: A Recessionary Fashion Statement

The retailer continues to fit the budgets of penny-pinching consumers.

Fiscal Responsibility Is Killing Retail

Saving more and spending less may help consumers, but it'll hurt retailers.

February Retail Sales: Same Old Sad Story

Nothing much has changed in the retail sector.

Bring Back Our Free Markets

Has the government's bailout plan ruined our free markets?

Retail in Recovery?

Is January's increase in retail sales really a "glimmer of hope"?

A Retail Play for 2009

Don't swear off the whole sector. One retail play looks promising for years to come.

Best Stock for 2009: Costco

Retail doesn't get much better than this.

Playing the Retail Sector in 2009

The best place to invest in retail for the coming year.

Black Friday Missing the Black

Retailers decorate their financials with some very un-festive numbers.

A Fearful Outlook on the Economy

Is this recession leading to the end of fiscal responsibility?

Who's the Most Adaptable Retailer?

Not every retailer will survive till 2009. Here's one characteristic to look for before buying retail stocks this holiday season.

Which Retailers Are Good Inventory Managers?

The companies that keep inventory moving and respond to consumer trends have the best shot at weathering the storm.