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Dan Dzombak

Dan Dzombak


Dan Dzombak has written for The Motley Fool since 2008. He covers value investing, investing process, and success among other things. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the buttons below or head over to his blog at

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App Annie

Microsoft's Jump Leads the Dow Jones Today Higher

Microsoft's keeps the top three spots in the Apple App Store.


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Getting an IRS refund this year? Find out the best way to get it.

Which U.S. Company Is Keeping the Most Profit Offshore?

This company is keeping $110 billion in profit offshore -- 40% more than runner-up Microsoft -- and it's not Apple.


What Are Itemized Tax Deductions?

Itemized tax deductions are eligible expenses the government allows you to deduct from your adjusted gross income to arrive at your taxable income.

Capital Gains Tax Rate for 2013 and 2014: 58% Increase for Top Earners

What you need to know as the deadline draws near.

Verizon and AT&T Lead Dow Jones Today

There are three economic releases today affecting the Dow Jones, two of which signal a slowing U.S. economy. This could be bad news for investors who are paying high prices for stocks.

Flash PMI

Merck Leads the Dow Jones Today Higher as Low-Income Patient Subsidies End

Health care stocks are leading the Dow Jones today as Merck moves to end uncertainty over Obamacare.

Dow Jones Today up as Tech Stocks Jump

IBM is leading the Dow Jones higher today, while Cisco is right behind.

U.S.Coast Guard

Dow Jones Oil Stocks Up Today as Houston Channel to Reopen

Coast Guard to lift closure following oil spill.

2014 Tax Brackets and Tax Tables

If you have to pay quarterly taxes, you need the newest tables. We've got you covered.

Dow Jones Today Falls as Speculative Stocks Plunge

Biotechs lead a drop in speculative stocks.

Nike Holds Back the Dow Jones' Rise Today

Nike is holding back the Dow Jones today after warning on earnings headwinds.

Dow Jones Today Rising as Market Digests Fed Statement

Dow Jones rising in the wake of latest Federal Reserve meeting.

IRA Contribution Limits for 2013 and 2014

Get prepared for your retirement. Know what you can contribute, and which type of IRA is best for you.


Fed Taper Announcement Pulls the Dow Jones Today Down

The Dow Jones today fell 114 points after the Fed announced another pullback of economic stimulus.

UnitedHealth Group Leads the Dow Jones Today as Market Waits for Fed Taper Announcement

Federal Reserve to give latest update on quantitative easing at 2 p.m. EDT.

2013 Tax Brackets and Tax Tables

As tax time approaches, it's time to get familiar with what's different this year.

Microsoft Leads the Dow Jones Higher Today on Reports Office is Coming to Apple’s iPad

Microsoft rises on Office for iPad news. With nothing to slow the Dow's momentum, the stock market gets more expensive.

Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge Opens: Up Your Odds of Winning With Warren Buffett's Secret

With the NCAA tournament brackets finalized, the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge is open. Learn from Warren Buffett.

IBM Helps Drive the Dow Jones' Jump Today

The Dow Jones today is up more than 160 points with help from IBM.