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Dan Dzombak

Dan Dzombak


Dan Dzombak has written for The Motley Fool since 2008. He covers value investing, investing process, and success among other things. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter by clicking the buttons below or head over to his blog at

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Warren Buffett Pushes Verizon Higher as the Dow Jones Falls Today

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway announced a stake in Verizon last night, which is pushing up the stock and the Dow. Here's why Buffett could be buying more as we speak.

Why the Dow Jones Plunged Nearly 200 Points Today

Weak guidance from Wal-Mart and bad economic releases are weighing on the Dow Jones today.


Capital Gains Tax vs. Net Investment Income Tax

Wealthy taxpayers may be in for a shock if they don’t understand the difference between the capital gains tax and the net investment income tax.

IBM Leads the Dow Jones' Decline Today

IBM is today's worst stock on the DJIA as the company holds its investor day.

Disasters Waiting to Happen With Your Personal Data

These companies are each taking a large risk with your data.


Merck Pushes the Dow Jones Further Into Record Territory

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit new intraday high of 17,735 today as Merck announced a deal to sell its ophthalmology business in Asia and Europe.


Goldman Sachs and IBM Lead the Dow Jones to Record High

The DJIA hit a record high earlier today as the stock market climbs across the board.

Could This Dividend Giant Go Tax-Free Soon?

This dividend stalwart would get a big boost if a proposed tax reform passes.


Apple Could Join the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Apple joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average may mean bigger changes to the blue-chip index than most people expect.


Disney Rallies the Dow Jones Today Toward Record High

Frozen, the biggest animated movie of all time, gave Disney its best-ever quarter, propelling the Dow Jones today to near a record high.

The 25 Top-Yielding Dividend Stocks in May

The 25 highest-yielding dividend stocks in May.

Financials Lead the Dow's Jump Today

The Dow Jones is up as Putin appears to ease tensions in Ukraine.

Merck Makes a Deal as Dow Jones Drops on GDP Revisions

It's not putting a damper on deals as Merck sold its consumer health business for $14 billion.


Why JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Are Weighing on the Dow Jones Today

A warning from JPMorgan and Eric Holders comments on “Too-big-to-jail” are weighing on the bank stocks of the Dow.


These 7 States Had the Most Power Outages in 2013

This list highlights the huge amount of investment the power grid needs, and the companies set to profit from it.

Why the Federal Reserve Continued to Taper in April

Dissecting the April 30, 2014, Federal Reserve Open Market Committee statement.

Boeing Jumps While Merck Holds Down the Dow

The Dow Jones is flat as blue chips vascillate.

What the Federal Reserve Statement Will Mean for the Dow Jones

It all depends on where interest rates go.

Merck's Spike Leads the Dow Jones Today

The Dow Jones today is up after Merck reported expectation-beating earnings.


IBM and Microsoft Outshine a Flat Dow

The DJIA is up, led by blue chip tech stocks, while the rest of the tech sector is being crushed.