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Arjun Sreekumar

Arjun Sreekumar


Arjun is a value-oriented investor focusing primarily on the oil and gas sector, with an emphasis on E&Ps and integrated majors. He also occasionally writes about the US housing market and China’s economy.

Recent articles

Is the Latest Round of Russia Sanctions a Threat to ExxonMobil?

While the latest economic sanctions against Russia likely won’t impact Exxon’s near-term operations in the country, longer-term uncertainties loom.

Warren Buffett Just Dumped These Energy Stocks, But Here's Why You Shouldn't

Why investors shouldn’t blindly follow Berkshire Hathaway’s decision to reduce its energy holdings in the second quarter.

The $1.5 Trillion Gulf of Mexico Oil Frontier You’ve Never Heard Of

The Gulf of Mexico’s relatively uncharted Lower Tertiary, or Paleocene, geological trend could hold immense quantities of oil.

Is China Seriously Beating the U.S. in the Shift Toward Natural Gas?

Despite its stigma as a highly polluted country, China is aggressively transitioning toward cleaner-burning natural gas.


Crude Oil in America: How Much Do We Really Have and How Long Will It Last?

Despite a sharp increase in U.S. crude oil reserves, we may not have as much oil as some believe.

Are Big Oil's Tax Breaks Really as Generous as They Seem?

Big Oil’s below-average tax rates don’t tell the whole story.

A Rare Value Play in Today’s Pricey Market

Why one sector of U.S. stocks looks attractive right now.

These 2 Charts Show How the U.S. Shale Revolution Has Been a Game Changer

Thank the U.S. shale revolution for surging crude oil production and falling crude and petroleum imports.

Environmentally Friendly Fracking Fluids: The Next Energy Breakthrough?

With the growing backlash against fracking’s environmental impact, the need to develop green fracking fluids has never been stronger.

3 Reasons Why Chevron Is a Top Dividend Stock

Chevron’s leading positions in the Gulf of Mexico, shale/tight oil, and LNG should drive peer-leading growth in the years ahead.

Can You Guess Which Country Depends Most Heavily on Russian Gas?

This country's excessive reliance on Russian natural gas leaves it vulnerable to Putin’s whims.

How Much Longer Can Low U.S. Natural Gas Prices Last?

The sheer size and strong economics of U.S. natural gas shale plays could keep gas prices under $5 per Mcf for the next two decades.

The 3 Most Serious Threats Facing Big Oil Companies

Why the outlook for the large Western oil majors may be less rosy than you think.

Could U.S. Crude Oil Reserves Be Grossly Exaggerated?

Why the application of a decades-old formula to untested shale formations may end up exaggerating the size of crude oil reserves.

With Nearly 3.5 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day Offline, Why Aren’t Oil Prices Surging?

Despite a sharp reduction in OPEC oil supplies since 2011 and growing geopolitical risks, oil prices have fallen precipitously in recent weeks.

Ebola Isn’t the Biggest Threat to Nigeria’s Oil Industry

The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is one of many challenges facing Nigeria’s oil industry.

Why Climate Change Could Be the Biggest Threat to Your Portfolio

Combating climate change could render two-thirds of listed oil and gas companies’ reserves unburnable and, perhaps, worthless.

Why This Billionaire Still Believes in Coal

Despite overwhelmingly bearish sentiment on coal, Glencore’s CEO Ivan Glasenberg is bullish on the fuel’s medium-term prospects.

Is This the Next Big Offshore Oil Frontier?

Though the Barents Sea has been hailed as the next big Arctic oil frontier, challenges remain.

Things Are About to Change in the Bakken, But These 2 Companies Aren't Worried

Hess and Statoil are pursuing different strategies to curb Bakken gas flaring.

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