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The Daily Upside


Traditional business news can be painfully dry and complex. The Daily Upside newsletter covers the most important stories in business in a style that’s engaging, insightful, and fun.

Written by a former investment banker, The Daily Upside is the best way to get insights on financial news, bar none.

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But unlike its CPG rivals, Nestlé doesn't have any cleaning or disinfecting brands

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ExxonMobil Loses Title As Largest U.S. Energy Company

And it may be a long road ahead for big oil

Medtronic Under Federal Investigation For Ventilator Shortage

The company has denied all allegations of wrongdoing

Why Palantir's Public Market Debut Is Bad For Wall Street

Shares of Palantir and Asana both finished the day above their "reference prices"

Rally Raises $17 Million For Collectibles Investing App

Because investing in fine wine and baseball cards is so tangible

Uber Wins Appeal In London: Deemed "Fit And Proper"

But it's not out of the woods yet

Caesars Shows Its Cards With William Hill Offer

Investor Interest In The U.S. Gaming Market Is On Full-Tilt

Look What Amazon is Unveiling Next

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Sneaker Platform GOAT Raises $100 Million To Kick-Start Expansion

The deal values the company at a lofty $1.75 billion