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Reuben Gregg Brewer

Reuben Gregg Brewer


Reuben Gregg Brewer believes dividends are a window into a company's soul. He tries to invest in good souls.

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20_03_31 Fingers flipping a die that says short and long with dice spelling term next to it _GettyImages-1134479990

Is 3M a Great Dividend Stock?

Does 3M have what it takes to be a great dividend stock? Here's a look at some key considerations that might make you believe.

20_06_29 A woman in protective gear in front of oil wells _GettyImages-638446776

Why Centennial Resource Development Stock Rocketed 15% in Early Trading Today

The energy driller got a big boost today as investors pushed the stock price right up to, and past, a new target.

20_04_28 Two people with shopping bags standing in a mall _GettyImages-1163487093

Why Burlington Stores Stock Jumped 17% in Early Trading Today

Shares of discount retailer Burlington Stores rallied after it reported earnings. Here's what got investors so excited.

20_11_24 A man in a blue work suit with an oil rig in the background _GettyImages-869933674

Why W&T Offshore Stock Rallied 12.5% at the Open Today

Shares of this relatively small offshore oil driller rose dramatically, largely thanks to earnings. Here's a look at what W&T Offshore said.

19_10_03 A compass with the arrow pointing to the word strategy _GettyImages-452650991

BP in 3 Charts

Integrated oil giant BP is embarking on a new voyage -- but investors need to carefully consider if it's up to the task.

19_11_06 A person pushing a shopping cart through a store _GettyImages-1128949343

Why I Just Bought This Reliable High-Yield Dividend Stock

It's not a perfect company, and 2021 could look bad -- but it is likely to be a long-term winner, and now is a good time to pounce.

17_08_16 Men working in a steel mill with sparks flying _GettyImages-143690110

Why Steel Dynamics Stock Rocketed 21% in February

The U.S. steelmaker reported earnings in late January, but its stock really got rolling in February. Here's why.

20_05_06  A hotel employee greeting a customer in a hotel lobby _GettyImages-1133575018

Why Ryman Hospitality Stock Rallied 19% in February

The convention center and hotel REIT's earnings report was bleak, but that wasn't the only thing driving its stock price.

18_08_21 An arm pointing to graph on computer screen _GettyImages-629202004

Why B&G Foods Stock Fell 10% at the Open Today

Shares of food maker B&G Foods took an early tumble, as investors weren't pleased with its latest corporate update.

21_02_05 Three women shopping for coats _GettyImages-828991220

Why Columbia Sportswear Stock Rose 19% in February

The clothing maker reported rough earnings, but investors weren't thinking about the past when they read the quarterly update.

20_08_12 Storm clouds in distance with lightning strike _GettyImages-637389132

Why Equinix Stock Dropped 12% in February

The data center REIT reported earnings that were pretty solid, but investors still weren't pleased. Here's why.

17_08_02 A steel worker in a foundry with molten steel pouring from a vessel _GettyImages-489756984

Why Cleveland-Cliffs Stock Fell 13% in February

It was a complex year and investors didn't seem to like the news when Cleveland-Cliffs reported earnings.

20_11_24 A balance with the words risk and reward on it spelled out with blocks _GettyImages-1000964610

Why The GEO Group Stock Plunged 19.5% in February

Shares of the prison owner got hit hard after it announced earnings. Here's a look at what got investors so upset.

17_06_20 A miner holding up a silver nugget _GettyImages-134059508

Why Hecla Mining Stock Rose 15% in February

Shares of precious-metals miner Hecla Mining got a boost from commodities, but also provided a strong operating update and outlook.

16_06_15 A man with a notebook in front of oil well _GettyImages-156525694

Near a 10-Year Low, Is Helmerich & Payne a Buy?

Shares of this U.S.-focused oil services company are down a lot, but there is definitely solid rebound potential here.

20_06_04 A gambling table with dice and chips on it _GettyImages-56294135

Why MGM Resorts International Stock Jumped 32% in February

Gambling company MGM Resorts continued its push into the digital sphere and investors like what they are seeing.

18_10_30 An electric vehicle charging at a charging station _GettyImages-884110854

Why MP Materials Stock Rallied 44% in February

This relatively young rare earth miner is on a tear and China is helping to push it even higher.

17_07_09 A jet airplane flying over clouds _GettyImages-470748626

Why TripAdvisor Stock Rallied as Much as 10% Today

Travel website operator TripAdvisor got a quick boost today, but it wasn't anything the company said. Here's what got Wall Street so excited.

19_10_03 A compass with the arrow pointing to the word strategy _GettyImages-452650991

Why Energy Fuels Stock Jumped 12% at the Open Today

The uranium miner has inked a deal in the rare earths space, which has been a hot area lately thanks to China.

19_01_08 An offshore drilling rig _GettyImages-901140746

Why ExxonMobil Stock Rallied Today

The energy giant has been dogged by bad press lately. Today's news seems to have shifted the dialog a little.