Fani Kelesidou

Fani Kelesidou


Born and raised in Greece, Fani is currently pursuing a PhD in International Political Economy. She keeps a keen eye on politicians' shenanigans and focuses on explaining their impact on the global economy. Besides that, she enjoys digging deeper into unfolding fashion trends and retailers' business strategies, as well as the emerging wearable-tech market. You can follow her on twitter@FaniKelesidou

Recent articles

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New data from Elance-oDesk indicate that businesses will spend over $930 million on hiring freelancers around the globe in 2014. What are the benefits and the downsides of hiring remote independent workers?

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Despite a rather gloomy outlook for some of the big names in the luxury territory, there are three reasons for rejoice: Young, urban, and male. According to HSBC, an emerging cultural subset is going to give luxury players a much needed shot in the arm.

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Despite macroeconomic headwinds and dismal bottom-line results, some of the big names in the luxury apparel and accessories industry are increasing the prices of their offerings. Is there more to this trend than meets the eye?

Why High-End Luxury Brands Are Losing Their Luster

In recent years, the concept and ethos of the luxury business has shifted from exclusive to accessible, leaving industry insiders questioning the very essence of “true” luxury. How did we get here? More importantly, is there a way out of this bewildering path?

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Gap's new ad campaign showcases Rebekka Bay's inaugural collection and targets omni-channel customers. Will Gap's efforts bear fruit?