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Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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1 Company Is a Good Play on the Home Shopping Market

As an investor, it pays to be a contrarian. An emerging company with growing market share may promise greater rewards than the market leader in that particular industry, such as ValueVision Media in the home shopping market.

One Small Cap Gaming Company Is Worth a Look

To survive in the gaming sector, size isn’t the biggest factor. Instead, focusing on less competitive markets and diversifying into non-gaming operations are better bets for gaming companies.

Can This Italian Restaurant Group Weather the Storm?

When a company reports disappointing financial results, investors should assess if uncontrollable factors were responsible and whether company fundamentals are strong. In the case of Bravo Brio Restaurant, its financial performance was impacted by bad weather and it has a sound business model with the customer needs in mind.

1 Company Is A Good Play On The High Protein Trend

While the high protein diet is gaining popularity with an increasing number of consumers, not all companies will benefit to the same extent. Omega Protein has factors such as demand outpacing supply and its quality-assured domestic manufacturing facilities working in its favor.

Less Is More for This Boutique Hotel Management Company

The classic hotelier model involved building as many hotels as possible and replicating the same service level and customer experience across all of them. However, when you try to provide everything to everybody you end up representing nothing. As a result, more travelers have become attracted to hotels that serve their specialized needs, like those managed by Morgans Hotel.

Which Company Will Benefit the Most From the Battle Against Obesity?

Obesity is a real problem in America today, but investors shouldn’t rush into buying all the fitness and weight-management stocks. Instead they should choose the company offering the best weight-loss results, which will imply strong customer captivity in the mid-to-long term.

One Company Is Capitalizing on the Two Biggest Food Service Trends

Good companies don’t ignore trends; they capitalize on them. Jamba, a leading seller of smoothies and juices, has achieved three years of same store-sales growth, despite a difficult economic environment. Its success lies in its ability to capitalize on two emerging food service trends.

The Two Things That Make This Online Retailer Click

The battle of bricks versus clicks is raging on in many consumer markets. Online retailer has capitalized fully on its advantages compared to its physical counterparts, by offering more choices at lower prices. This gives it a clear advantage over its brick and mortar peers in the vitamins and dietary supplements market.

This Food Company Is Leveraging on 2 Emerging Trends

Private labels needn’t be cheap products, and snacks aren’t necessarily unhealthy. Inventure, a food company, is capitalizing on the emerging trends of premium private labels and healthy snacking to its advantage.

Why This Housewares Company Is a Good Long-Term Investment

Boring is good when it comes to choosing a good long-term investment. Warren Buffett’s choice of candies (See’s) and sodas (Coca-Cola) reaped huge dividends. This ordinary-looking housewares company could be an interesting investment option.