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Mark Lin


Mark is a private value investor and is the author of website which uses a systematic quantitative screening approach to filter the global stock markets for cheap cigar-butts and wide-moat compounders.

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Which Gaming Company Should You Place Your Bets On?

Most investors only consider upside potential when choosing stocks to invest in. However, this will be an incorrect approach with respect to investing in gaming companies because of the inherent industry risks. Instead, investors should seek gaming stocks with downside protection like Las Vegas Sands.

Does This Newspaper Publisher Still Have Value?

Profitable investment opportunities are typically found with industries which have the most pessimistic outlooks, such as the newspaper industry. Newspaper publisher A. H. Belo represents an interesting investment opportunity with its local newspapers, its digital marketing initiatives, and the downside protection provided by its assets.

One Food Company Is a Safe Investment in Uncertain Times

The best test of any company's resilience in recessions is to examine its financial track record. Hormel Foods pass this test with flying colors, given its consistency in earnings and dividend growth.

Is This Department Store Operator Stuck in the Middle?

Michael Porter, a leading authority on competitive strategy, terms companies which don’t deliver either on product differentiation or on low cost strategies as "stuck in the middle". Kohl’s is trying to avoid that label by putting its emphasis back on national brands.

How This Quick-Service Restaurant Meets Industry Challenges

As more companies see their businesses disrupted by advancements in technology and changes in customer tastes, the survivors will be those sufficiently flexible to adapt to a ever-changing business landscape. Canadian quick-service restaurant leader Tim Hortons is one role model for its peers.

3 Stocks to Capitalize on the New Culture of Frugality

If you are looking for stocks benefitting from the latest consumer trends, companies serving the needs of bargain hunting customers might also be the ones to consider for your stock portfolio.

Should Investors Pay Attention to this Low-Risk Hotel Investment?

People usually miss out on profitable investment opportunities because they are biased by their existing perceptions of certain companies or industries. This could be costly, as the hospitality groups of today have significantly reduced their risks by diversifying their brand portfolios and transitioning to asset-light models.

These Toy Companies Will Survive The Digital Revolution

As an increasing number of companies and industries gets disrupted by technology, good old child‘s play remains popular with most kids. In addition, growth opportunities in the developing countries point to decent prospects for the listed toy companies.

3 Safe Bets for Conservative Investors

The only certainties in life are death and taxes...and to a lesser extent, marriages. That suggests that businesses serving such needs will experience stable demand for their products and services, making them perfect investment candidates for conservative investors.

This Retailer Will Survive the E-Commerce Threat

Competing with online competitors is no different from that of fighting brick & mortar peers. You either differentiate your products or sell the same merchandise at lower cost. Pier 1 has chosen the former as an effective strategy of fending off online threats.

This Is the Best Stock to Ride the Premium and Healthy Food Wave

If you are spending more money and time on choosing the right kinds of food, you aren't alone. Organic food and premium dairy products are among the fastest-growing food categories, and WhiteWave has a significant presence in both of them.