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John Bromels

John Bromels


John has found investing to be more interesting and profitable than collectible trading card games. He seeks growth and value stocks in the U.S., in Germany, and beyond!

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Are Oil & Gas Stocks a Good Investment?

The answer may surprise you.

Getty Scissors Cutting Hundred Dollar Bill

Royal Dutch Shell's Dividend Cut Overshadows Better-Than-Expected Q1 2020 Earnings

The historic 66% dividend cut caught many investors by surprise.

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Why ExxonMobil's Historic Q1 2020 Earnings Loss Isn't So Historic

The top oil company basically fell victim to a technicality.

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Expert Roundtable: 4 Energy Stocks Benefitting From Low Oil Prices

Falling prices have hit the oil industry hard. But here are four picks that may actually benefit.

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3 Things to Expect When ExxonMobil and Chevron Report Q1 Earnings

The biggest U.S. oil companies report earnings Friday amid an oil industry crisis. Here's what to look for.

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Pending Home Sales Tumble More Than 20% in March as Coronavirus Shuts Down Industry

Top realtors' group hopes for a recovery in the fall.

Getty Row of Oil Pumps

BP Q1 Earnings Collapse 67% as Demand Evaporates, But Market Yawns

The oil major's disastrous performance was pretty much what investors expected.

oil stocks getty

Even the Top U.S. Oil Fund Is Becoming Bearish About Oil

United States Oil is selling its current contracts. That's a huge warning sign.

Getty Oil Price Drop

Why This Top Oil Company Isn't Worried About Negative Crude Prices

Only one integrated oil major has such a strong defense against the North American oil sector's unique weaknesses.

Getty Oil Price Drop

USO Oil Fund Crashes Again as Crude Prices Tumble

The largest U.S. oil ETF is making more big changes to stay afloat.

Getty Energy Types Light Bulb

How Crashing Oil Production Could Damage Fuel Cell Stocks

Hydrogen fuel cell sales depend on this major metric...which COVID-19 has just demolished.

Getty Oil Drum Exploding Money with Happy Man

What Negative Oil Prices? Benchmark WTI Crude Soars 65% in Less Than 2 Days

Just 3 days after negative prices shocked the industry, WTI crude is up big.

Getty Wrecking Ball House

Why the Latest Housing Numbers Are Worse Than They Look

A drop of 17.5% in new construction starts seems tame at first glance ... until you look at the context.

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Danger Lurks for These 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks

Crashing share prices have left them with big dividends...for now.

Getty Oil Well with Workers Sunset Silhouette

Halliburton Slashes Costs After Posting $1 Billion Loss

It's the latest danger sign from a top oil industry company.

Getty Energy Types Light Bulb

3 Energy Stocks to Buy Right Now

The energy industry is in turmoil, thanks to COVID-19. Investors should play it safe.

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Everything's Falling Apart, so Why Is the Stock Market Soaring?

3 reasons investors are shrugging off the bad news.

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3 Big Reasons Investors Should Worry About General Electric

Recent developments spell further trouble for this battered industrial conglomerate.

Getty Scissors Cutting Hundred Dollar Bill

How ExxonMobil's Cost Cuts Will Affect Its Dividend

The top oil company is making big spending cuts in 2020. Will they be enough to rescue the dividend?

Getty Oil Pipes and Lots of Them

Why Shares of These High-Yielding Pipeline Stocks Plummeted in March

But they have a secret weapon against low oil prices.